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Before Hon able Court District Judge IX ADJ, District Bhopal R.C.S.N. -105B/2007 Summons For SettleMent Of ISSUE To, Shri K.S. Reddy, Dy. General Manager, C/0 Central Services I.T.I. Ltd. Dooravaninagar, Bangalore - Whereas S.S.Enterprise Pro. Safalta Shrivastava has instituted a suit against you for recovery, you are hereby summoned to appear in person, or by a pleader duly instructed and able to answer all material questions relating to the suit, or who shall be accompanied by some person able to answer all such question, on the 03 Sept. 2010 at 11.00 O'clock in the morning to answer the claim; [ and further you are hereby directed to file on that day a written statement of your defense and to produce on the said day all document in your possession or power upon which you base your defense or claim, for set-off or counter-claim, you shall enter such documents in list to be annexed to the written statement]. Take notice that, in default of your appearance on the day before mentioned, the suit will be heard and determined in your absence. Given under my hand and the seal of the court, this 28th day of july 2010 Shri R.P.S Chouhan IX ADJ, District Bhopal
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Published on : 1st January, 1970