What is the cost of booking a Lost & Found advertisement in Mirror Ahmedabad?


Well, the cost of any newspaper depends upon the ad format (classified text/ classified display ) and location. In case you want to advertise in Mirror Ahmedabad, the cost will be as given below

Classified Text: These ads are charged in lines. Cost is  Rs. 3520 / 5 lines, Rs. 220 / extra line
Classified  Display: These ads are charged in area per Sqcm basis . Cost is 220/ Sqcm. For a minimum size ad of (3 x 5 cm) cost is Rs.3,300

To know more about rates , please visit this link https://mirror.releasemyad.com/rates/lost-and-found

Please note that a General diary or FIR copy is needed to book Lost & Found Ad in Mirror. You can upload it while booking an ad through our portal or alternatively You can send the document to documents@releasemyad.com after booking

For additional information, call us at 9830629298, email us at book@releasemyad.com or take the help of the chat support .

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